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5 of the best places to hide your valuables

Simply hiding your valuables from the ever-present risk of burglary might seem elementary at first, but it’s an incredibly effective way to ensure the things you care about most stay out of the wrong hands.

What is a good hiding spot for valuables and money?

1. Stash valuables in old appliances

Stashing your valuables inside the framework of a broken, outdated appliance is a great hiding spot. Thieves will assume appliances inside the home are in use and aren’t likely to disassemble an appliance to see what’s inside. You may want to save this hiding place for items you don’t need to access quite as often, like birth certificates, trust deeds, valuable coin collections, etc.

2. Hide money in false fixtures

False fixtures are the ultimate hard-to-access hiding spot, and a thief probably won’t search them. Online vendors sell a plethora of options, including fake wall outlets, clocks, air vents and more. These can be one of the best places to hide cash thanks to accessibility.

3. Store cash and jewelry in decoy containers

Choosing a hiding spot that’s as ordinary as possible is easy. Decoy containers that resemble canned goods, cleaning supplies or everyday items with hollow spaces are a great idea and are unlikely to be found by thieves.

4. Build your own hiding spot for valuables

Sometimes the best place to hide valuables in your home is one that you build yourself. Charles Robinson’s book, “The Construction of Secret Hiding Places,” is an informative, comprehensive guide to building hiding spots in your own home. This book has tons of helpful recommendations and you might even come up with a few ideas of your own while reading it. You can find the book on Amazon.

5. Hide cash in plain sight with potted plants

When it comes to inconvenience, nothing tops burying your valuables in the soil of a potted plant. What burglar wants to sift through dirt to check for something worth stealing? Simply put your items in a waterproof bag and tuck them toward the bottom of the pot. There’s likely no chance that any robber will dig through your potted plants, and you’ll feel especially clever every time you walk by your favorite plant.

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